Singhare Ke Aatte Ke Laddoo

these laddoo are really different and tasty, you can have them in vrat. My dadiji (grand mother) makes it really well. I am sharing her recipe with you.


Singhare ka atta( waterchestnut flour) 250 gms
Ghee 150 gms
Powdered sugar 200 gms
Almonds 15 cut into slivers
Melon seeds 2tbsp

Take ghee in a thick bottomed kadhai. Add singhare ka aatta. And roast it thoroughly on slow flame. It starts getting a bit red and an aroma starts coming add almonds and keep roasting.
When this mix start leaving a bit off ghee, add melon seeds, roast for another 2 mins.
Remove from fire. Let it cool.
When it is only slightly warm , add powdered sugar , mix well with hands and take some mix in your palms and bind the mix into laddoos.

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